Just to prove that there’s always someone out there more stupid than you thought possible, visitors to Scobleizer have seriously been debating how to run the world’s worst operating system on the Intel Mac. Other questions these people might consider: – Once you’ve bought that new BMW, can you get it to run by putting […]

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I remember when Apple announced last year that it was migrating Mac computers to Intel chips, the Mac Nation recoiled in horror. Short of selling Apple to You Know Whom, there was probably nothing more guaranteed to signify the final sellout of our favourite computer manufacturer. Strange, then, to note that the Nation seems to […]

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Scribblings of a white male, living somewhere in a “western liberal democracy”. Like many people my age, I’ve done the usual things – raised children, changed career, had the breakdown – so perhaps this is about what’s like when you come out the other side. You’ll just have to read on to find out…